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IPC Global Webinar Series Presents

Qlik Cloud Data Sources Webinar & Happy Hour

On-prem data? Data in the cloud? Data behind a firewall? Bring it all into Qlik Cloud.

Thursday March 16th at 4:00 PM EST

*Please note that we will not be able to send beverages to any attendees who register after March 6th.
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Learn how to bring all your data into Qlik Cloud (and enjoy a beverage) with the experts at IPC Global and Qlik.

Much of Qlik's development effort is focused on extending Qlik Cloud by rolling out new integrated features - like Alerting, Insight Advisor, and Automations -  not to mention a constant stream of minor updates that improve it's livability, appearance and functionality.

There has been really just one major catch- getting on-prem data into your Qlik Cloud environment.


For all its bells and whistles, Qlik Cloud hasn't offered the same ability to connect to and bring in external data sources compared to Qlik Client-Managed (the on-prem version of Qlik). And for Enterprise Users, data connectivity is king, forcing them to stay on Qlik Client-managed (or even... gasp!.. QlikView) and forgo all the benefits Qlik Cloud has to offer.

Over the last 6 months however, the tide has firmly shifted towards Qlik Cloud-especially with the release of Qlik Gateway Direct Access and Qlik Cloud's HIPAA Compliance-  making it a seriously viable option for even the most demanding Enterprise users.

In this webinar, the experts at IPC Global and Qlik will show you the latest methods and techniques for bringing data into Qlik Cloud- which between them allow users to utilize any conceivable data source, regardless of location or security protocol.


So join us on Thursday March 16th at 4:00 PM EST, kick back, and enjoy a beverage for a fun, informal presentation about the current state-of-the-art of bringing data into Qlik Cloud.


Who knows? You just might learn something :)

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What we will cover during the webinar:

  • Qlik Data Gateway Direct Access - Allows Qlik Cloud applications to securely access behind-the-firewall data over an encrypted and mutually authenticated connection.

  • Qlik Data Connectors - Over 60 connectors included in Qlik Cloud. May require firewall ports to be opened, and not typically compatible with ODBC connectors.

  • Methods and Techniques - How/when to use Gateway Direct Access and Data Connectors; Best practices for doing so; and, a Demonstration of configuring both.

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Who should attend:

Our intended audience for this webinar are Qlik Sense Client-Managed and QlikView users. However, since some of the methods we will discuss have only recently been released/enhanced, we also recommend this webinar to any Qlik Cloud/SaaS users who have data sources that they would like to access, but don't feel they currently can.

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Webinar details:

  • When: Thursday March 16th at 4:00 PM EST. The webinar will run for about 30 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for questions

  • Where: Live Online Webinar. Your registration confirmation email will contain a link to join the webinar.

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Registration instructions:

To register, please fill out the registration form on this webpage and click the 'submit' button. Remember to select your beverage of choice, and provide a shipping address for us to send it to. This must be a residential address, and if you select an alcoholic beverage, an adult (with valid ID) will need to be present to accept delivery. You will receive your libations at the address provided a few days before the event.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link which will allow you to join the webinar on March 16th.

*Please note that we will not be able to send beverages to attendees who register after March 6th.

**If you are a resident of Utah, we cannot ship you any alcoholic beverages.

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Meet Our Speakers

igor alcantara.jpg

Igor Alcantara

IPC Global Director of Data Science and Education Services

Igor leads IPC Global's Data Science team and is also the Director of our Education Services organization. He is a proud "data nerd" and will fight you if you don't agree that "The Dark Side Of The Moon" is the greatest album ever.

jeff fairchild.jpg

Jeff Fairchild

IPC Global Managing Director of Operations

Jeff brings more than 25 years of data and analytic experience to his role at IPC Global. In a previous life, he was CFO at a large chip manufacturer (the silicon kind). He resides in Salem, Oregon with his wife and a large menagerie of farm animals.

Kurt Focht Qlik.jpg

Kurt Focht

Qlik Senior Account Manager

Kurt Focht has been with Qlik for over 3 years. By training he is a Pastor and musician. At home he is husband to a beautiful wife and father to 3 perfect children, and enjoys ministering, writing, playing acoustic guitar, and cycling.

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