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Campus Health Tracker

A complete contact tracing solution that connects the dots between your school's symptom screening, disease surveillance, contact tracing, and exposure protocols.

Campus Health Tracker from IPC Global lets School Nurses and Health Aids instantly track, trace, and contact anyone on campus suspected of exposure to COVID-19 or any other pathogen.

Visual analytics, intuitive workflows, and endless integrations actually reduce your workload and help you manage your campus' health smarter.


When You Can See Everyone at Risk of Exposure to Illness, You Have the Power (and the Data) to Control the Outbreak. 

Data empowers you to make decisions easily and quickly

Managing school health has become exponentially more complicated by the spread of COVID-19. The Campus Health Tracker makes clear, actionable data and visual analytics available to school Health Staff so they can instantly see and respond to outbreaks on their campus.

Discover Who Is At Risk, Control Outbreaks of Illness, and Help Keep School Open

Campus Health Tracker lets you conduct automated contact tracing for everyone in school- including staff, visitors and remote-learners- across 3 degrees of exposure so you can instantly respond to positive test results and effectively control outbreaks of any illness.

A Contact Tracing Solution That Fits Your School's Priorities and Budget


Use tech you already have

Campus Health Tracker integrates with data sources your school already has- like Student Information and Clinical systems- to provide a complete school contact tracing solution. There is no additional hardware or devices to purchase, enabling any school to be up and running in days and with minimal Total Cost of Ownership.


Privacy-led design

We place user protection, privacy and trust above everything else. All data is HIPAA & FERPA compliant, and Governed User Access and Enterprise-level security ensure that sensitive student health data remains 100% secure.  API support lets you connect securely to Pubic Health Agencies and your other Health Partners for seamless sharing.


Intuitive. Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

IPC Global has +20 years experience developing software for schools. We designed Campus Health Tracker from the ground up to be easy to use- especially for those who may not be used to working with visual analytics technology. Users are presented with clear and responsive visualizations, follow intuitive workflows, and can access built-in assistance and explainers.

Campus Health Tracker Helps School Staff Work Smarter


A complete contact tracing solution for schools

Campus Health Tracker uses data from your school's existing Student Information Systems ( such as Rediker, Gradelink, FACTS, etc. ) to provide a complete contact tracing solution for your school, that is quick to deploy and fits your school's budget.


100% Secure. 100% Compliant.

As important as protecting their health, you also need to protect the data and privacy of everyone under your care. Campus Health Tracker use Enterprise-level security and encryption to ensure data never falls into the wrong hands, anonymizes and secures all patient information in compliance with HIPAA and e-PHI standards, and provides complete data portability to ensure 100% FERPA  compliance.


Access intuitive, easy to use visual analytics to stay on top of your entire school population

Track the health status of everyone on campus, conduct instant contact tracing across three degrees of exposure, and seamlessly share information with parents, administrators and local health departments with responsive visual analytics and intuitive workflows.


Technology should reduce your workload

It's no secret that school health staff are being called upon to do more- and learn faster- than ever before. Campus Health Tracker reduces your workload by bringing everything together into a single, definitive view of your entire campus health picture, and enabling instant and secure information sharing with all your stakeholders.

Meet the Team

Still curious about how IPC Global can help you better connect with your students & staff, build trust and mitigate risk? Our team is ready to show you.

mark meersman.jpg

Mark Meersman

Managing Partner

“I’m passionate about building immediate, innovative solutions to solve crisis- and risk-based issues that bring client value without sacrificing data privacy"”


Alan McLaughlin


“I love solving big problems with diverse teams that look at possible solutions in different ways.”

alex caraballo.jpg

Alex Caraballo

Director Strategy, Sales and Marketing

“Becoming a connected organization should bring immediate value, while building a platform for the future.”


Collaborate and Support Students & Faculty to Achieve Success

“It helps us make smart decisions. It helps keep our kids in school. It helps show the Department of Health that we’re being responsible. We are reacting properly, and we have protocols to handle it.”

-Charlene McDougal, Assitant Headmaster & Head of School Covid-19 Taskforce, Pinecrest Academy

“I’m very comfortable sending [my daughter] back to school. I feel that the COVID task force and executive team at Pinecrest has absolutely done everything possible to keep the safety and health of our kids in mind.”

-Dianne Patota,

Parent of a Pinecrest Academy studentg

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"Pinecrest Academy says it will use a new online tool to help school leaders track COVID-19 infections — and take the appropriate steps to keep students and teachers safe."

Source: WSB-TV Atlanta, Metro school says health tracker, plexiglass will help keep kids safe for in-person classes this year, 07/24/20


COVID-19 Dashboard developed by IPC Global. See and compare local-level data on Coronavirus infection rates and risks, PPP fund dispersal, and Social Vulnerability Index.

Source: IPC Global Covid-19 Dashboard. Data accessed from John Hopkins University and US Centers for Disease Control. Data refreshed daily


School Climate metrics  reveal the relative and real-time status of all 330 schools in the Philadelphia district. Using Qlik’s embedded analytics, the district’s public website shares data that tracks school KPIs and specifies the District’s real-time plan for each school.

Source: IPC Global Client, School District of Philadelphia, "School Climate Dashboard for SDP 2.0"


"Having all of [our education data] run on AWS, while automating data cleaning and the implementation of business rules... there is no doubt we're going to be able to make better-informed decisions more quickly as a school."

Source: IPC Global Case Study. How Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU) uses AWS to improve academic outcomes, 06/01/2020

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