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Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud Powered by
inProcess App Operations

Seamless Support and Automated Migration and Backup Operations for Qlik Applications


See inProcess App Operations in action.

Watch how our solution can be used to automate Qlik Applications migration and backup routines.


For Qlik customers seeking extensive configuration options in data analytics,
Qlik Sense Enterprise and Cloud offer the ideal solution.

However, transferring Qlik Applications between Qlik client-managed and Qlik Cloud environments can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

inProcess App Operations

Enter inProcess App Operations, the answer to your challenges.

By leveraging the Qlik API, it streamlines app migration, saving administrators
valuable time. This solution automates backup, export, and import tasks, meeting
disaster recovery needs.

With inProcess App Operations, moving apps within and among Qlik environments becomes effortless. Simply set up a Windows desktop or server, access our online resources, and simplify app migration today.

Unified Qlik Support

• Support for Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud

• Smooth workflow with inProcess App

• Confidence in any deployment choice

• Uninterrupted focus on Qlik applications

• Resource optimization for business

Effortless Qlik Application

• Migration and deployment made easy

• Simplified transfer of applications
between environments

• Streamlined process saves time and

• Easy adaptation to new environments

• Seamless transitions with reduced

Automated Protection and

• Automated backups ensure data
protection and continuity

• Minimized risk of data loss with

• Easy restoration for peace of mind

• Scheduled backups for secure
application storage

• Enhanced resilience and reliability in
data management


Download your copy of inProcess App Operations today and start your Free Trial.

inProcess App Operations

Don't miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your Qlik experience

Try it today, risk-free, for seven days!

(We’re sure you’re going to love it, but if you don’t, canceling is only a click away)

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