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Foster innovation at warp speed

inProcess Research is a SAAS platform for turning ideas into results. Stakeholders in research are all invited onto the platform to foster collaboration. Agile adaptation of modern components overcomes barriers to innovation. Research-on-demand automations throughout the SAAS platform minimize the time and cost of breakthroughs.


Collaborative decision making and democratized analysis

Augmented Intelligence drives a winning team

Executive leadership, subject matter experts, systems engineers, partner investigators, regulatory specialists, and research coordinators work as a team. Integrated research tools are leveraged along a stepwise research lifecycle. Each step includes the resources needed to succeed and team members know what's expected of them. Teamwork breeds success in this demanding world of research.

Access all your data in near-real-time

Each source of data is plugged into the inProcess Data Factory in streaming, batch, or on-demand modes. The factory loads, processes, and publishes quality results into analysis, statistics, and machine learning. Research data is now dynamic, managed, and safeguarded. Reusable data objects are cataloged assets to be leveraged over and over again. Engineered data models are trained and ready to withstand scrutiny.

Vision | Engineering | Findings


Iterative Search for Truth

Discovering the truth is a process, beginning with an idea and ending in results.  Our topographical map gives light to various research paths. A resource plan informs leadership about the potential options for the team. A tactical plan unifies the team, methodology, and science in search of truth.


Adaptive Engineering Techniques

Engineering techniques continue to evolve.  The inProcess Research platform adapts to accommodate each advancement. The team is equipped with proven tools and techniques to make a play toward the goal. Training and simulation accelerate the capability maturity of each player.


Computer Aided Validation

Quality is engineered into each step of the research lifecycle. Leveraging the right technology along the continuum begets accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of results. Speed becomes a factor not only towards winning, but also losing early. Trial and error with minimal penalty boosts morale and experience.

One platform -- One Solution for Research


Production VPC for HIPAA compliance

The AWS Compliance Program sustains robust controls in place to maintain security. Data protection, identity & access management, and threat monitoring ensure compliance.


Network Data Modeling

Data modeling is based on a network database model, in contrast to a hierarchical SQL-based model. When the network is viewed as a graph, object types are nodes and relationship types are arcs accessible through multiple paths.


Machine Learning and AI

Supervised learning through classification algorithms brings about predictive models. Feature clustering through unsupervised learning reveals patterns and new insights.


Research Management

Managing studies, grants, financials, publications, and patents in one solution ensures accountability. Identifying patients and enrolling subjects with defined “include/exclude” criteria enables the primary investigator to be selective.

How it works

  • Management of Knowledge

  • Accelerated Subject Enrollment

  • Scrutinized and Validated results

  • Crowdsourcing with Experts

  • Accelerated Model Simulations

  • Augmented Intelligence-driven research

Meet the Team

Still curious about how IPC Global's inProcess Research Platform can help your Researchers collaborate and work better together? Our team is ready to show you.

mark meersman.jpg

Mark Meersman

Managing Partner

“We look at the entire clinical research pathway-hospital, primary care clinic, and ancillary facilities. inProcess Research is critical to connecting these organizations that need to share information so the trial can progress swiftly”

alex caraballo.jpg

Alex Caraballo

Director Strategy, Sales and Marketing

“InProcess Research connects to EMR systems, social media sites, wearables, remote monitoring platforms, pharmacy systems, and mobile apps. This arms expanded research teams with access to as much information as possible to drive research outcomes.”

igor alcantara.jpg

Igor Alcantara

Senior Data Scientist & Director of Education Services

“I love working within a client’s existing technology landscape, and leveraging inProcess Research to help them move from idea to publication faster”


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