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Data, Analytics and Cloud

IPC Global is a diverse team of experienced, engaging, and effective data analytics experts. We provide advisory, consulting, and managed services to solve organization’s greatest Enterprise Intelligence challenges.

For more than 20 years we have been the go-to source for Business intelligence & data visualization, Big data analytics, Data Integration & ETL, and Data warehousing design and implementation services.

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IPC Global is helping support election integrity

Powered by Qlik, IPC Global built a scalable, automated, and proactive system to identify and address voter issues in real time- and it's being used by state elections agencies now.

IPC Global leverage best-of-breed technologies to deliver data, analytic, and cloud solutions that turn your organizations data into value.


Qlik Analytics Platform

Qlik enables end-to-end data integration and analytics. It brings all your data together in one place and empowers everyone in your organization to make better decisions daily.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. The AWS cloud drives lower costs and increased agility for organizations.


DataRobot Enterprise AI

Advanced enterprise AI platform that enables building, deploying, and maintaining artificial intelligence and machine learning at scale.



Push native Qlik Sense reporting further with Vizlib. Unlock robust data insights with customizable dashboards, slice and dice data the way you want to, and utilize powerful writeback capabilities.

vizlib abstract background.png

Healthcare - COVID-19 Tracker

ipc covid tracker.png

This solution integrates the CDC Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) and the COVID-19 Vaccinations, cases and deaths Data Repository by Johns Hopkins CSSE. We can see at the county level where our exposure lies. The trends within our counties and states show control of this virus.

Academia - Research Planner

ipc inprocess research.png

Investigators and Stakeholders in research can easily find information to qualify, fund, and publish their results. The solution is designed to be integrated with health and education systems as part of an automated Clinical Trial and Research Management system.

State, Local & Federal Government - Elections

ipc georgia election tracker.jpg

This solutions tracks Georgia Run-off Election voters and ballots through the election on January 5, 2021. Every night we reload the most current data from the Georgia Secretary of State Elections Division. More specifically, we pull data from Voter Absentee Files and Voter Registration List and Files

State, Local & Federal Government - Voting Laws

ipc state voting laws

IPC Global has manually collected data from all 50 states regarding their State Voting Laws. We organized the data so that you can compare two or more states side by side. We recognize that voting laws do change and will attempt to manually keep up with these changes.

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