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Qlik Cloud vs. Qlik Sense On-Prem

Qlik Cloud is the fully hosted version of the Qlik Sense analytics platform. It packages the industry leading Qlik associative model with many features not available in Qlik Sense Client Managed that enhance connectivity, collaboration, and productivity.

Qlik Sense Client-Managed is the version of Qlik Sense that you install on your own Windows Server, be it in your building or in the cloud. The development and user experience are largely similar to Qlik Cloud, but it has fewer included features. Below is detailed comparison of Qlik Cloud and Qlik sense features.

Qlik Sense vs. Qlik Cloud differences

Qlik AutoML with Qlik Cloud

Qlik AutoML is a no-code, automated machine learning machine module only available in Qlik Cloud. It automates the process of building, training and deploying machine learning models. Quickly publish the data or directly integrate models into Qlik apps for fully interactive analysis and what-if scenario planning.

Its most powerful feature might the effect it has on your team, by reducing the Model Development Cycle from months to weeks.

Qlik Cloud includes the ability to train and deploy a limited number of ML models. The ability to deploy additional models requires a paid add-on.

Application Automation in Qlik Cloud

Qlik Application Automation provides an easy-to-use visual layer to what is essentially a compiled script that makes API calls. Instead of needing to write API calls through the qlik-cli to make Qlik interact with other applications or set off a series of internal processes, you can just easily create an "Automation" to do it for you. Qlik Application Automations are a powerful and useful feature that are only available in Qlik Cloud. Application Automations can be used for a range of processes including:

  • Export/ import applications

  • Send data to colleagues on Teams or Slack

  • Commit an app to GitHub

Qlik NPrinting vs. Qlik Reporting

NPrinting is an add-on to Qlik Sense that allows for quick sharing of pixel-perfect reports using data and analytics from Qlik Sense. Reports can be sent in almost any format, and through almost any channel (email, teams, etc.). NPrinting is not currently compatible with Qlik Cloud.

Qlik Reporting (technically called the ‘Qlik Reporting Connector’) is only available in Qlik Cloud and offers most of the functionality of NPrinting- such as being able to schedule, generate, and send multi-page reports. Where it falls short of NPrinting is its inability to generate pixel-perfect reports.

Qlik Alerting in Qlik Sense vs. Qlik Cloud

Alerting is available for both Qlik Cloud and Qlik Sense, however, Qlik Alerting is an add-on in Qlik Sense. Qlik Alerting allows users to send alerts and messages to other users based upon changes in data. Alerts can be sent via email, in an app, and messaging platforms like Slack and Teams. It is a useful and popular feature that helps organizations stay engaged with their data. There are three main alert types in Qlik:

  • Data Alerts

  • System Alerts

  • Notifications

Qlik Cloud Report Subscriptions

Report Subscriptions are a Cloud-exclusive feature that allows users to schedule recurring emails with their preferred sheets or charts. Users can apply filters and get the newest data sent to their inbox at scheduled times.

Insight Advisor vs. Insight Advisor Chat

Insight Advisor is a suite of Qlik features native in Qlik Cloud and Qlik Sense. Insight Advisor helps build data models, create visualizations, and analyze data. It makes it easier for business users to pull insights from their data, and lets power-users create high-impact analytics faster.

Insight Advisor Chat is a chat-based interface that allows for conversational analytics. Ask it a question and users get insights for any app they have access to. Insight Advisor Chat comes with Qlik Cloud and is available for purchase as an add-on in Qlik Sense.

Qlik Catalog in Cloud and Sense

Qlik Catalog is an enterprise data management solution that enables enhanced collaboration among teams. With immediate access to shared spaces and shared data sources, data sharing is streamlined for greater productivity and ease of access. Qlik Catalog comes with Qlik Cloud and can be purchased as an add-on for Qlik Sense.

Qlik Catalog is your secure, enterprise-scale repository, ensuring all valuable data is readily available for transformative analytics. It acts as your centralized data hub, empowering your data consumers with a single, go-to catalog to effortlessly find, comprehend, and extract insights from any underlying enterprise data source.

Qlik Features in Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud

  • Qlik Associative Engine

The Qlik Associative Engine fully combines data and indexes all relationships between values in data. It allows for full integration of data from multiple sources without losing data at load time. The QAE fully utilizes data dynamically changing needs.

The associative engine allows for instant results and with selection states removes the need for multiple queries to find out what you want to know.

  • Green, White, and Gray Selection States

Selection states in applications indicate the selected, possible, and excluded filters.

Selection states are a key part of the Qlik Associative Difference and allow for real-time filtering and analysis across your entire data model without reloading your data.

No queries, no need to load new data, just the click of a button and you have the insights you need.

  • Native Connectors

Qlik has over 70 native connectors and allows users to connect to different data sources such as SQL Servers, APIs, and Microsoft Azure.

Qlik Sense has 127 native connectors while Qlik Cloud has 85 connectors. More are added all the time.

  • Collaborative App Development

Qlik uses Shared Spaces and Streams to allow users on the same tenant to collaborate and work together. Published applications/sheets can be seen by all users in a Space or Stream.

Shared spaces come with Qlik Cloud and can be bought as an add-on for Qlik Sense.

Streams are spaces where team members can see published apps.

IPC Global Recommendations

Reaping the Rewards of Data Analytics: Get Set Up for Success

For most clients, we recommend they choose Qlik Cloud. It provides all the of the functionality and connectivity of Qlik Sense, and takes it all huge step further by offering:

  • An broad range of powerful, included features

  • A more robust suite of Developer and Admin tools

  • No infrastructure to manage

Qlik Cloud also offers the same level of trust and security as Qlik Sense. Qlik Cloud has achieved HIPAA, SOC 1, 2, and 3, and ISO 27001 certifications, among many others. For more information on what Qlik offering is best for you, get in touch with us today.

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We are an Elite Partner for the Qlik Data Analytics & Integration Platform and are the only firm to have been awarded "Qlik Partner of the Year" twice.

About Qlik

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, one where everyone can use data to improve decision-making and solve their most challenging problems. Only Qlik offers end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics solutions that help organizations access and transform all their data into value.

Qlik helps companies lead with data to see more deeply into customer behavior, reinvent business processes, discover new revenue streams, and balance risk and reward. Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.


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