IPC Global provides a solution that delivers meaningful information to everyone. We bring together organizational data from different sources onto one platform. This “single source of truth” can be viewed at any time, on any device. The information is clean, organized, and real-time, which allows your workforce and leadership to make informed decisions. We call this data "Enterprise Intelligence" since it boosts the IQ of the entire organization. Imagine that. All of your data, whether stored locally or in the cloud, makes sense and accelerates the speed at which you do business.

  • Enterprise Intelligence Blog

    Check out the latest posts on our Enterprise Intelligence Blog.

  • The Qlik Platform- See the Whole Story that Lives Within Your Data

    Qlik® lets you create visualizations, dashboards, and apps that answer your company’s most important questions. Now you can see the whole story that lives within your data.

  • Searching for solutions?

    We can consult with you on data integration, data management, reporting, analytics, and forecasting. We can manage your virtual private cloud data, network and information systems. We train you to be self-sufficient and empowered.

  • inProcess turns data into Gold

    A "single source of truth" is systematically produced from multiple data sources into reusable data objects on the Qlik Analytics Platform.

  • Direct IT Managed Services

    Our highly certified managed services team can accelerate and support your environment, whether it be in-house, hybrid, cloud infrastructure or application migration.

  • Laying out a Roadmap

    Vision, planning, execution, and sustainability require leadership. Meet with our leadership team to lay out your Enterprise Intelligence journey.


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