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Webinar & Happy Hour: "Move Over NPrinting, and Hello Qlik Cloud Reporting Services!"

In the webinar, we explored the unique features and capabilities that made Qlik Cloud's Reporting Services stand out, particularly in comparison to NPrinting. Whether attendees were seasoned Qlik users or exploring analytics solutions for the first time, the session was tailored to showcase the transformative potential of Qlik Cloud Reporting Services.

Key highlights included:

  • Cloud-Based Flexibility: Participants learned how Qlik Cloud's cloud-based platform offered unparalleled flexibility, enabling users to access and work with their data from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Collaboration and Sharing: The ease with which Qlik Cloud facilitated collaboration was explored, demonstrating how sharing visualizations, dashboards, and reports became seamless, promoting a culture of data-driven decision-making across teams.

  • Pixel-Perfect Precision with NPrinting Integration: Attendees understood how Qlik Cloud not only provided dynamic exploration but also seamlessly integrated with NPrinting for organizations that demanded highly formatted, scheduled reports, combining the best of both worlds.

  • User-Friendly Design for All Skill Levels: The user-friendly design of Qlik Cloud was uncovered, ensuring accessibility for a broad range of users, whether they were data analysts or business users.

  • Scalable Cloud Reporting with Qlik Reporting Service: The scalability of the Qlik Reporting Service was harnessed, efficiently delivering reports from a scalable cloud service that tackled complex enterprise reporting tasks.

  • Governed Report Task Control within Qlik Sense: Attendees could exercise precise control over report tasks with Qlik Cloud's governed report task control directly within a Qlik Sense App.

The session also discussed why Qlik Cloud Reporting Services outpaced NPrinting:

  • Live Interactivity: Unlike NPrinting, Qlik Cloud offered live interactivity, allowing users to explore and analyze data dynamically, uncovering insights as they navigated through tabular reports.

  • Cloud Collaboration: Qlik Cloud's cloud-based approach promoted collaboration and sharing in real-time, fostering a more connected and responsive decision-making environment compared to the static nature of NPrinting reports.

  • Ease of Use and Accessibility: Qlik Cloud's user-friendly design ensured accessibility for users of all skill levels, eliminating the need for specialized expertise that may be required for NPrinting's more complex formatting and configuration.


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