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Extract data from your Qlik data models with the inProcess ODBC Driver from IPC Global

The inProcess ODBC Driver from IPC Global is your pipe into data models created in Qlik Sense®. You have data consumers across your organization who are using a variety of tools: Microsoft Excel and Power BI and Tableau. When Qlik is your published source of truth, what do you do with requests from other platforms? Use inProcess ODBC Driver for Qlik Sense!

Our inProcess ODBC Driver for Qlik is a standalone solution that can also be combined with our inProcess Data Factory to create a complete data management solution.

Qlik is the data management platform for all your analytic needs.

You have invested a lot of effort to build complete and efficient data models in Qlik. As soon as you replicate that logic in other platforms you lose your single source of control and you lose the value of Qlik's associative data model. With the inProcess ODBC Driver you can govern access to your Qlik production data models without going through the Qlik hub.

Let your team members work in the platforms of their choice by giving them access to Qlik production data that has already been staged.

Bring-your-own analytics tool?

Yes! Stop fighting the tide of “BYO analytics”. The Sales team, the HR team and the Finance team all want their own tool. Let ‘em have it!

With our inProcess ODBC driver for Qlik, your business developers can work in the platform of their choice! SAS, PowerBI, SSRS… If they can connect to an ODBC source, they can access data models in Qlik Sense.

Security? You already have it installed!

Our inProcess ODBC Driver uses Qlik to service data requests. The same security rules you set up in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) apply to developers accessing the data from other platforms. And since you already know how to set up security rules in QMC, administering security for our driver fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Why we created inProcess ODBC Driver for Qlik

IPC Global is a Data, Analytics and Cloud consultant with experience developing extensions and value-added services for our clients. Over the past decade, we have seen more and more of our Qlik clients using Qlik as their data warehouse.

The challenge was how to extract data for use by other technology platforms while maintaining a single version of the business logic. Our clients wanted to bring the advantages of the powerful Qlik scripting language and associative data model to all of their analytics users. inProcess ODBC Driver for Qlik is the solution.

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