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Laser-focused alerts with AttorneyAlerts. Coverage for every new filing, from every US court.

Attorney Alerts is a docket alert application developed by IPC Global. It covers every court system in the United States and gives notification when a new filing is made that names the plaintiffs you are tracking. This immediate notification of new legal action gives your firm the major advantage of being able to contact the plaintiff first, significantly increasing your chances of representing them.

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Eliminate the noise in Docket Alerts

The U.S. Judicial System consists of 52 separate court systems, plus territorial courts, in the United States. Each state and the District of Columbia has its own independent system, and the United States government maintains federal courts throughout the country. With full coverage of every court in the nation, Attorney Alerts ensures that you will be informed of every new civil filing that affects the clients you track, from every court in the country, almost as soon as it is filed with the court. Cut away the man power required to sift through hundreds and thousands of potential alerts. Zoom right in on the clients and suit types that matter to your business.

Be the first to inform your clients

According to the 2019 Legal Trends Survey, 82% of clients in need of legal services considered 'timeliness' as important to their decision of which firm to hire. Attorney Alerts improves the timeliness of your ability to respond to a new filings from days or weeks of filing, to hours. What makes Attorney Alerts completely unique is its ability to surface new complaints that name a particular client- as they are filed. Other docket alert services allow you to track updates to a particular docket but you need the docket number to find them first, and by then the plaintiff has already chosen representation. Attorney Alerts uses Augmented Intelligence (a kind of guided machine learning) to filter tens of thousand of new documents filed every day at all the courts in the country, down to just the few affecting plaintiffs that matter to the growth of your firm. This gives you the advantage of being able to respond to the plaintiff first and increase your chances of winning their business.

Arm yourself to win new relationships

Quickly surface alerts for the type of law you practice and inform your prospects before anyone else. Modern law firms are run by teams of people and AttorneyAlerts facilitates rapid and precise communication between your team members. Automatic routing of important alerts to the appropriate team members email inbox keeps everyone in the loop and responding to new client demands, without requiring them to actively check the service.

Why we created AttorneyAlerts

IPC Global is a Data, Analytics and Cloud consultant with extensive experience developing solutions for legal clients. Over the course of our consulting work, we have become familiar with the data sources available to legal users, how law firms use data, and what are some of the challenges they face in making use of it. Our maxim at IPC Global is to develop Enterprise Intelligence solutions that turn data into measurable improvements for our clients bottom line. When we learned of the challenges firms faced turning court-provided data feeds into usable intelligence, and that the problem lay with making sense of the "unstructured" data produced by courts, we sensed an opportunity to apply our Enterprise Intelligence methodology to a new and exciting challenge. The result is AttorneyAlerts.

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