Accelerate your IoT Data Pipeline with AWS

Over the past several years, organizations have had to move quickly to deploy new data and cloud technologies alongside their legacy infrastructure to drive innovations in IoT (Internet-of-Things), such as real-time telemetry, predictive maintenance, and fully automated controls.

The IoT landscape is evolving rapidly and both Operations and IT leaders are finding new ways to monetize their IoT data and use it to drive faster, more informed decision making. Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to expand it's lead in IoT as it offers an unmatched combination of scalability, end-to-end security that fully protects data in transit and at rest, affordability and a continuous innovation cycle - with more than 175 (and counting) services that provide solutions for almost any use-case.

For organizations to build a competitive edge with IoT, they will need a new approach to defining, implementing, and integrating their data pipelines. By leveraging AWS and four key IoT concepts, forward leaning organizations can build and deploy modern IoT data pipelines securely, rapidly and cost effectively.