On Demand for NPrinting

extension for Qlik Sense gives you the ability to generate an NPrinting report on demand based on your selections from within a Qlik Sense application...

  • Selections made in your application are passed through to NPrinting

  • Reports delivered via e-mail or download

  • Users can dynamically turn one NP report into a hundred permutations

Product Features


  1. Standard QMC upload onto your Qlik Sense server. Installs in minutes

  2. Drag-n-drop the extension [Button] into your Qlik Sense sheet

  3. Configuration consists of entering your NPrinting Server name and Report name

  4. Specify the output to either Downloads folder or email Inbox

User Experience

  1. Make selections within a Qlik Sense application as usual

  2. Select the NPrinting on Demand [Button]

  3. Retrieve the report from your Downloads folder or email Inbox

  4. Super intuitive and easy to use


  1. Works with QMC Security Rules

  2. Respects Qlik Section Access

  3. Configurable with or without a https security certificate

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System Requirements

  • Qlik Sense server 2017 or later

  • NPrinting Server 2017 or later

  • Node.js 8.7 or higher

  • .NET 4.6 or higher

Product Pricing

  • One-time charge $995 (perpetual license) per environment

  • Unlimited use by Qlik Sense users and withing applications

  • License issued per release of Qlik

  • Basic Support while Qlik supports that release of Qlik with NPrinting

  • 30 day money back guarantee​

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