IPC Global is the premier data and analytics expert for school districts and state education agencies in the United States.

District leaders look to IPC Global when they:

  • Have had it with not being able to trust their information, especially when sharing it with the media or community.

  • Are struggling to achieve equitable access to effective instruction and to get proportionate discipline right.

  • Are stressed about a lack of accurate indicators that best identify kids that are at risk of failing to graduate college or career-ready and are unsure about which issues require focus.


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Get information on using data analytics to improve school district performance and meet objectives.

Customer Spotlight – School District of Philadelphia Transforms Ability to Track Student Progress

A core mission of every school district is to put students in the best position to succeed in the near and long term. Engaging all relevant stakeholders - from parents and teachers to principals and the overall school administration structure - in a student focused dialogue is vital to that mission. Being able to access and act on success factor data is essential in shaping the dialogue for positive outcomes. Most school districts evaluate student success using data, from reading levels and standardized test scores to graduation rates.