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Unlock the value of your data models. 

inProcess Data Factory is a best in class Data Management Solution for Analytics (DMSA). What differentiates DMSA solutions from traditional data warehouse tools is that its primary purpose to generate a trusted source of truth.


DMSA data is securely stored and provisioned such that accurate, complete, and timely information is accessible to stakeholders throughout the enterprise.


What makes inProcess Data Factory unique is its ability to integrate multiple data sources at the same time and produce real-time information.

Population Health Discovery
Within minutes, generate fully detailed lists of patients that share any number of attributes: DRG, acuity, patient class, encounter type, departments, providers, financial, treatment protocols, demographics, admissions, vitals, comorbidities, LOS etc.


• Provider Discovery

Within minutes, generate fully detailed lists of providers that share any number of attributes: procedures, DRG, orders: Rx, lab and imaging, encounter type, admissions, readmissions, referrals, surveys, treatment protocols, HEDIS measures etc

• Department Discovery 

Within minutes, a fully detailed analysis of Departments that share any number of attributes: Rx orders, ADT, readmissions, HAI,  providers, LOS, date ranges, and more.

• Diagnosis Discovery

Within minutes, generate fully detailed lists of DRG events that share any number of attributes: Patient demographics, CPT, Rx orders, admissions, readmissions, geography, patient demographics, billing coverage, and more.

inProcess Data Factory for EMR enables researchers to identify a patient population and then extract all patient without technical assistance.

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

   Best in class data process engine:

  • Data Connection Manager (access all your data)

  • ETL Templates (pre-formatted Qlik scripts)

  • Schema Snapshot (tables, views/sp) 

  • ETL Generator (automated Qlik script)

  • Source Code Manager (control versions)

  • Triggered Task (minimize reload window)

  • Incremental Loader (maximize load time)

  • Multi-thread Controller (big data load planner)

Master Data Management (MDM)

   Data Literacy begins with MDM:

  • Dictionary and Object Manager

  • Data Lineage (Origin to Item)

  • Dictionary Items (documented DIM and FACTs)

  • Business Rules (defined expressions)

  • Lookup Manager (centralized mapping tables)

  • Cohort Manager

Data Quality Management (DQM)

   Stakeholder trust begins with DQM:

  • Schema Reconciliation (Schema to App)

  • Object Reconciliation (Dictionary to App)

  • Quality Rules (defined expressions)

  • Issue Logging and Altering (error, warning, informational)

  • Throughput Analyzer (ETL duration)

  • Volume Analyzer (number of records)

  • Application publish gating (avoid publishing data errors)

Governed Data Objects and Models

   Reusable Data Objects are key to a low TCO:

  • Library of Reusable Data Objects 

  • Table Partitioned Data Objects

  • Denormalized Data Models (star schema)

  • No SQL Data Models (single source of truth)

  • Self-aware Object Keys

  • Recursive Objects (table prefix)

  • Data Snapshots of Objects and Models