Extension Objects for the Qlik platform

Putting data and analytics into a context where its impact can be leveraged and value released at times requires customization. Qlik is a platform built on open and documented APIs, including mashup and extension APIs.  We have mastered these Qlik capabilities and have built Qlik extensions or partnered with specialized vendors.

On Demand for NPrinting for Qlik Sense

Simply make selections in your Qlik Sense application and press [Get Report]. The associated NPrinting report will be delivered to your Downloads folder or email in box. Its that simple.

User Selections

NPrinting Report

Email attachment or

Downloads Folder

Task Manager for QlikView

Task Manager for QlikView gives an administrator the ability to export and import  individual tasks and task trees to easily migrate across environments, create point-of-time backups and eliminate errors.  Easily move from Dev to QA to Prod without having to edit a task.  Easily restore any or all tasks (and dependencies) whenever you upgrade your server. This is a must have in the toolbox of every QlikView Administrator - it pays for itself on the first use!

Product Features

  • Migrate any number of tasks from Dev to QA to Prod

  • Backup and restore any number of publisher tasks

  • Transfer user CAL assignments across environments during upgrades

  • Help Desk support included for the life of the product

  • Use wild card name matching to target groups of tasks

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Batch mode available for unattended operation

  • Set default locations for faster execution or use temporary overrides for special cases

  • Full command line documentation

  • Installs in minutes

  • Compatible with QlikView and Publisher V11.20, 12.00 and 12.10

  • Guarantee:  Love it or return it within 14 days for full refund

VNOC for Qlik

Reliable data and analytics environments are paramount to adoption. VNOC for Qlik monitors servers, storage and network components for issues. Self-healing solutions, auto ticketed creation and closure, and alerting are implemented to optimize IT resources and improve user experience.


K4 Analytics for Qlik

With K4 Analytics, finally enjoy Smart Data-Entry in both Qlik Sense & QlikView! Leverage K4 Analytics and build the missing link between Qlik and Enterprise Databases, delivering rich Corporate Performance Management applications. Some customers simply fulfill their need for data-entry and write-back in their Qlik apps.

No more spreadsheet anarchy and finally effortless real-time data consolidation: continue to use an Excel model however K4 makes it dynamically integrated with the data-sources, with the ability of editing the data and saving back on the fly to the central database.

With Smart Data-Entry, master numbers and simulation thanks to rich features such as blocked totals, copy from, allocation drivers... Just add full audit trail, integrated workflow control and real-time collaboration, this is K4 Analytics!

Product Features


  • Initialize the budget with one click using any data as a reference (e.g. previous year sales, forecast, etc.)

  • Create different budget versions

  • Manage distributed data-entry where different users collaborate, participating to the budgeting process in a secure and controlled way with audit trails

  • Manage planning calendars

  • Explode an aggregate budget to a detailed one in a Top-Down approach

  • Manage driver-based allocations

  • Collect easily and consolidate data from existing spreadsheets

  • Make the budget figures available in real-time to other systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, etc)

  • Develop SOX-compliant applications thanks to audit trails

  • Leverage all the power of Sense and QlikView for analyzing performance against the budget

Narrative Science for Qlik

Narratives for Qlik is an extension created by Narrative Science. It integrates seamlessly into Qlik Sense and leverages advanced natural language generation, a subset of artificial intelligence that translates structured data to text, which automatically transforms visualizations into powerful narratives that explain the most interesting and important facts.

Product Features

  • Visualizations to narratives, instantly: Get insights in natural, easy-to-read language and identify relationships in data that are not obvious in visualizations alone

  • Dynamic insights, deeper discovery: Get automated analysis fueled by descriptive and predictive analytics, with narratives that update in real-time as you interact with visualizations.

  • Personalized & shareable stories: Tailor narratives by audience, choosing a preferred format—bullets or paragraphs—level of detail or verbosity, and word choice to enhance variability.