Enterprise Intelligence

Data and analytics can seem complex, so our Enterprise Intelligence methodology segments the problem along resources and technology areas. The four key areas of Enterprise Intelligence are: Governance, Applications, Data, and Environment

Each area, while unique, is dependent upon the others for success in achieving Enterprise Intelligence. Sustained value at the lowest total cost of ownership is achieved through planning, execution, and follow through.

Enterprise Governance

Management of data, applications, and environments aligned with the strategic objectives of the business requires leadership. Governance requires prioritization, communication, and execution. Data literacy and training brings about capability and maturity visible in the results. 

Enterprise Applications

Mobile, embedded, guided, and self-service analytics deliver information where needed.  External users, management, analysts, and stakeholders need to utilize information more effectively. Placing this data where and when needed brings leverage and strategic differentiation to the organization.



Data administrators and specialists work meticulously to integrate multiple data sources into a single source of truth. Data thoughtfully engineered into reusable data objects and models requires master data management (MDM) and data quality management (DQM) tools and techniques.

Enterprise Environments

Systems engineers and IT Services secure our data, scale our applications, and manage to a high service level (SLA). Adapting to changing needs while new and legacy systems are brought on and off line can be tricky. Cloud/VM capabilities are nimble to meet the need.

What we do at IPC Global

Technology strategy is handled by our most senior colleagues. Business requirements and IT capabilities can be aligned. Solutions are developed to achieve breakthroughs and value never before realized. Our playbooks considers governance, applications, data, and environment factors discretely and together. 

As data and analytics consultants for nearly 15 years, we have unleashed the value of Qlik. IPC Global provide expert services in data modeling, guided analytics, reporting, geoanalytics, and mobile solutions with the Qlik platform. Our Qlik Training and Support services ensure the success and sustained value of our solutions.

Data Management Solutions for Analytics has a purpose -- to serve the business. Our engineers design master data with quality and re-usability in mind. inProcess Data Factory is the ultimate DMSA solution providing enterprise class data management at the lowest TCO. Our consultants implements data solutions in weeks release value to the business every step of the way.

As a managed service provider, we assume the roles and responsibility to maintain a health vibrant cloud environment. Automated monitoring and professional maintenance coupled with our AWS , Qlik, and inProcess expertise is a huge value to our customers. Our clients see us as a reliable partner in data, analytics, and cloud services.

What do we believe?  What do our clients ask for?

[Why]  We live for breakthrough moments; we empower our clients to achieve their best in data and analytics.

[How] We empower our clients by listening to their challenges and engaging in the art of the possible to craft a solution. 

[What] We deliver Enterprise Intelligence value for each client.

Experienced professionals, engaging collaboration, and effective delivery is what you can expect from IPC Global. Unique customer situations paired with proven tools and techniques produce extraordinary results at the lowest risk and cost.