DirectIT Managed Services

DirectIT from IPC Global provides a fully managed “cloud” solution. We take on some or all or the responsibilities for managing an IT environment. Security and reliability are our primary concern. Our solution leverages Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology along with our certified engineers and a centrally automated virtual network operations center (VNOC).  Our clients may also ask us to take on some responsibility to manage the on premise IT environment resources. 

Our clients stay with DirectIT because:

  • we plan with our clients

  • we take responsibility of issue resolution

  • we are accessible all the time

  • we strive to be the best in the world at AWS

Our clients choose DirectIT when they require:

  • Experts in IT architecture

  • Management of an IT environment

  • Responsible Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

  • Certified AWS Engineers and Administrators


Vendor Support Services

Basic Support Includes:

  • Telephone and Video Conference support from our expert team.

  • Self-help resources with FAQs, submit and track support requests, access to license information, community, forums, webcasts, knowledge base and white papers.

  • Product update coverage during standard business hours

Enterprise Support Includes:

  • Basic Support Services with extended coverage up to 24/7 for critical issues.

  • Custom implementation support of Qlik applications and Windows environment.

  • Case handling in accordance with business-critical SLAs, with priority routing to specialists or certified engineers.

  • Release management to provide advice on product release and upgrades based on an assessment of your environment.

As a VAR for Qlik, AWS, and inProcess, our support desk provide Level 1 support. IPC Global has a team of certified experts committed to providing a solution to any issue as quickly as possible and with the right attitude. We can anticipate potential issues, as well as provide proactive support and action, by continuously analyzing your environment. Our goal is to ensure your success with our team of experts with a stable, reliable, and secure environment. Each of our customers received Basic Support. Several of our customers opt-in for our Enterprise Support and additional value-add.



US Email

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