Kindred Healthcare

Data Integration

Learn how IPC Global leveraged Qlikview and OpenVPN on the AWS cloud to enable Kindred Healthcare to have greater insights on their data.


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Kindred healthcare receives reports from Medicare annually in the fall for the previous year.  These reports are not in a format that can be used to analyze data pertinent to Kindred’s business.  Many fields and data values have to be interpreted as they are in code, not readable words.  They needed the terms to be interpreted and a means to house and serve the application.   Kindred also needed a way to publish this to their internal team.  The most cost effective manner was not a new on premise server that would require server administration but an AWS Environment where users could log in and access their application via browser.


In 2014 IPC Global proposed an AWS environment with domain controller, a server for development and a server for production use.  Backup service was included. 


AWS provided a fast, cost effective solution to start up and run an environment that has been running for five years providing information to the internal marketing team.


The application is still in use five years later.  We have never had a server down instance.  The length of time this application remains in use speaks of its success.

This has been achieved through a Qlikview Desktop and OpenVPN with hosting at Amazon Web Services.

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