ClimateWorks Foundation

Embedded Analytics

Learn how IPC Global leveraged Qlik BI on the AWS cloud to engineer an embedded analytics solution in Salesforce for ClimateWorks


ClimateWorks mobilizes philanthropy to help solve the climate crisis and ensure a prosperous future. Since their founding in 2008, they have collaborated with foundations, NGOs, and climate leaders around the world to tackle climate change on a global scale.


ClimateWorks was looking for a way to embed analytics into a public-facing website and in their Salesforce system. 


In 2016 IPC Global worked with ClimateWorks to propose and build a Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Application Platform hosted on AWS which is active today.


The result is two Qlik servers being deployed on EC2, with EBS volumes attached, running in a VPC. IPC also consulted with ClimateWorks to build Qlik Sense Analytics Applications and the embedded Carbon Transparency Initiative (CTI) Mashup.


ClimateWorks is now able to communicate the Carbon Transparency Initiative data directly to the public.


This has been achieved through a Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Application Platform hosting embedded analytics on the ClimateWorks website and through Salesforce utilizing the Qlik Product, Salesforce and the CTI mashup with hosting at Amazon Web Services.

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