Campus Health Tracker for K-12 Schools

83% of schools do not have processes and systems in place to track all of their students and faculty.*

What if you had a continuous view of your student and staffs’ exposure risk, to take action and remain resilient?

IPC Global’s School Contact Tracing technology helps districts aid staff and students in feeling safer by identifying their risk of exposure to Covid-19, so leaders can quickly communicate potential exposure to their stakeholders and take action to prevent further spread.

Privacy-led design

We place user protection, privacy and trust above everything else. Access and retention controls further protect users data.

Use tech you already have

IPC Global’s School Contact Tracing technology is accessible on laptops, desktops, Android and iOS and does not require VPN. No additional hardware is needed, and using location services means less battery drain.

Provides transparency

Access precise proximity information with no incremental hardware or infrastructure, and receive near real-time information about whether your people may be at risk of exposure, and who they have been in contact with.

Connect with and mitigate risk for your people

Help safely reopen and stay open

“It helps us make smart decisions. It helps keep our kids in school. It helps show the Department of Health that we’re being responsible. We are reacting properly, and we have protocols to handle it.”

-Charlene McDougal, Assistant Headmaster & Head of School Covid-19 Taskforce, Pinecrest Academy

Recover, Reveal, and Reopen

Identify exposure proximity so you can target your communication

Know more precisely which students and staff have potentially been exposed to illness, so you can avoid shutting down an entire school when just one class is impacted, and continue educating where possible. Make decisions to return to school with more confidence.

Ensure a data-driven approach to re-opening

Measure and track COVID-19 information and make it easily digestible for district leaders who need to make evidence-based decisions and provide quantitive support for those decisions to their stakeholders.

Help your stakeholders feel more confident in school

Quickly identify students and staff who may have come into contact with someone in the school who is infected, allowing leadership to take immediate action to reduce risk of further exposure.

Forecast and identify trends with accuracy and speed

Whether your students and staff are disrupted or operating as usual, identify hot spots and trends by state, county, city, zip ode, or census-tract to understand which issues are systemic or within your control.

Meet the Team

Still curious about how IPC Global can help you better connect with your students & staff, build trust and mitigate risk? Our team is ready to show you.

Mark Meersman

Managing Partner

“I’m passionate about building immediate, innovative solutions to solve crisis- and risk-based issues that bring client value without sacrificing data privacy, while meeting compliance and regulatory standards.”

Alan Mclaughlin

Vice President of Consulting Services

“I love solving big problems with diverse teams that look at possible solutions in different ways.”

Dan McDonough

Regional Director for Mid-Atlantic

“Inspired to help our clients navigate disruptive events, emerge stronger and become more connected to their people as school adapts to the new normal.”

Alex Caraballo
Data & Analytics Specialist, Education Consulting Services

“Becoming a connected organization should bring immediate value, while building a platform for the future.”

"Since we announced the decision to bring kids and teachers back into the classroom our phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from parents interested in enrolling."

-Charlene McDougal, Assitant Headmaster & Head of School Covid-19 Taskforce, Pinecrest Academy

“I’m very comfortable sending [my daughter] back to school. I feel that the COVID task force and executive team at Pinecrest has absolutely done everything possible to keep the safety and health of our kids in mind.”

-Dianne Patota, Parent of a Pinecrest Academy student

Collaborate and support students & faculty, and achieve success