Solutions by Business Function

Finance, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, Human Resources, and IT while distinct depend upon one another. We provide data and analytics solution for each distinct function as well as inter operable dependencies. Please review the following self-service applications.  If you like it, we will install it at your organization.

This Finance Toolkit application gives unparalleled insight to finance and accounting departments. Take action and improve your decision making through multiple financial analysis all within one application including – cash-flow, CAGR, break-even, amortization, forecasting, time value of money, Monte Carlo simulations, and more!

patient costing Qlik

The app enables us to see physicians cost profiles and drill down to individual patient level and the resources which were used to treat those patients. The behavior tab allows us to select individual procedures (by DRG) and see the cost and length of stay variation between clinicians.

sales analysis Qlik

The Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process is an important part of any company that manufactures and sells a tangible product. The plan itself integrates the entire company integrating financial targets, tracking Point of Sale (POS) Actuals over time, monitoring open orders, and building an accurate forecast for the future. 

pipeline metrics Qlik

This application visualizes and drills into the details of sales, quota, and pipeline metrics. Analysis can be performed to evaluate performance and effectiveness of sales teams, in relation to sales stages, target markets, competition, and more to close the quarter strong.

custome experience management analysis Qlik

This application analyses Customer Experience using the global Net Promoter Score (NPS) standard along with a range of further metrics. NPS can be a very challenging KPI when used in isolation, as it has limited diagnostic properties on its own. To address this, we correlate NPS with a number of other KPI's to help various business users to readily identify areas where NPS can be improved.

supply chain analysis Qlik

This demo app provides visibility into inventory levels (in-store, depot, and in transit) and potential insights into availability through out of stock measures and sales information. Lack of availability can mean lost potential sales. Too much inventory creates excess costs. Use Qlik Sense to potentially gain insights through visualizations and try to optimize inventory and availability not just one side of the equation.

human capital management analysis Qlik

Employees are the most important asset within a company.The ability for a company to analyze human capital data allows the company to maintain a diverse and balanced workforce all while striving to retain employees. This demo allows you to play the role of an administrator. See what new discoveries you can uncover.

helpdesk management Qlik

This application gives a great visibility for all tickets in detail as well as at a high level; therefore, it works well for IT managers and individual resources within the IT team. It is a great tool for making fast but proper collaborative decisions within an IT organization.

This demo provides a look into various areas of an IT department. Visualize how the IT department is performing in areas such as cost and budget, customer service tickets, development costs and employee utilization.