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IPC Global Webinar Series Presents

Advanced Analytics
and Visualizations

Join us for our next exciting Happy Hour webinar as we dive into Qlik's cutting-edge advanced analytics and visualization features.

Thursday July 18th at 4:00 PM EST

*Please note that we will not be able to send beverages to any attendees who register after July 2nd.
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Explore how Qlik's latest advancements can transform your analytics applications into stunning, insightful, and highly functional tools for your business needs.

In this webinar, we'll showcase the newest Qlik visualization features, including advanced styling and layout containers, that elevate the aesthetics and usability of your analytics. Whether you're crafting intricate infographics or designing intuitive dashboards, Qlik's enhanced capabilities are designed to meet your needs.


Our Director of Data Science and Education, Igor Alcantara, will explain advanced styling and customization, where you'll discover new options that allow you to create visually appealing and customized analytics applications, making your data more engaging and easier to understand.


You'll also learn how to utilize dynamic layout containers to organize your visualizations efficiently, enhancing the overall user experience and maximizing the impact of your data presentation.


Furthermore, we'll explore how Qlik integrates seamlessly with other platforms and technologies, expanding the possibilities for advanced analytics and broader data utilization.


Finally, we'll delve into Qlik's advanced statistical functions, enabling you to perform sophisticated data analysis directly within your Qlik environment, helping you gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions with these powerful tools.


So join us on Thursday July 18th at 4:00 PM EST, relax with your favorite beverage, and enjoy an informal yet informative presentation on "Elevate Your Insights: Discover Qlik's Advanced Analytics and Visualizations" with the experts at IPC Global and Qlik.


Who knows? You just might learn something :)

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What we will cover during the webinar:

  • Advanced Styling and Customization: Create customized analytics apps with new styling options for engaging, clear data.

  • Dynamic Layout Containers: Organize visualizations efficiently with layout containers for better user experience.

  • Advanced Statistical Functions: Explore Qlik's seamless integration for advanced analytics and broader data utilization.

  • Integration with Other Technologies: Use Qlik's advanced statistical functions for sophisticated data analysis and insights.

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Who should attend:

  • Data Analysts Enhancing Visualizations

  • BI Developers Customizing Analytics

  • Data Scientists Using Qlik's Statistics

  • Designers of Infographics and Dashboards

  • Professionals Organizing Visualizations Efficiently

  • Users Integrating Qlik with Platforms

  • Individuals Seeking Deeper Insights

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Webinar details:

  • When: Thursday July 18th at 4:00 PM EST. The webinar will run for about 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for questions

  • Where: Live Online Webinar. Your registration confirmation email will contain a link to join the webinar.

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Registration instructions:

To register, please fill out the registration form on this webpage and click the 'submit' button. Remember to select your beverage of choice, and provide a shipping address for us to send it to. This must be a residential address, and if you select an alcoholic beverage, an adult (with valid ID) will need to be present to accept delivery. You will receive your libations at the address provided a few days before the event.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link which will allow you to join the webinar on March 16th.

*Please note that we will not be able to send beverages to attendees who register after July 2nd.

**If you are a resident of Utah, we cannot ship you any alcoholic beverages.

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Meet Our Speakers

igor alcantara.jpg

Igor Alcantara

IPC Global Director of Data Science and Education Services

Igor leads IPC Global's Data Science team and is also the Director of our Education Services organization. He is a proud "data nerd" and will fight you if you don't agree that "The Dark Side Of The Moon" is the greatest album ever.

jeff fairchild.jpg

Jeff Fairchild

IPC Global Managing Director of Operations

Jeff brings more than 25 years of data and analytic experience to his role at IPC Global. In a previous life, he was CFO at a large chip manufacturer (the silicon kind). He resides in Salem, Oregon with his wife and a large menagerie of farm animals.

Kurt Focht Qlik.jpg

Kurt Focht

Qlik Senior Account Manager

Kurt Focht has been with Qlik for over 3 years. By training he is a Pastor and musician. At home he is husband to a beautiful wife and father to 3 perfect children, and enjoys ministering, writing, playing acoustic guitar, and cycling.

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