IPC Global webinar series:

Wednesday, June 24th 10:00 eastern | 7:00 pacific

Acquiring new clients with

For law firms competing to acquire new clients, speed of response is one of the top factors separating the winner from the losers.

Attorney Alerts is a docket alert application developed by IPC Global. It covers every court system in the United States and gives notification when new civil filings are made that name plaintiffs you are tracking. Attorney Alerts improves the timeliness of your ability to respond to a new filing from days or weeks to hours, significantly improving your chances of being the first to contact the client, and the firm to win their business.

Attend this webinar for a brief 15-minute presentation followed by a Q&A. The webinar will cover how attorneys and other legal professionals use docket alerts to locate and acquire new clients, as well as a brief overview of AttorneyAlerts best-of-breed docket alert application, developed by IPC Global.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Utilize docket alerts to drive new clients to your firm

  • Contact potential clients found through a docket alert

  • What other information is available in docket filings and how to use it

Who should attend:

Civil defense attorneys, Legal technologists (CIOs, Technology-focused Partners and Associates, Litigation & Practice Technology Analysts, etc.), and Legal researchers (Knowledge services, eDiscovery managers and Practitioners, etc.).


Dan McDonough, Legal technology expert, Data architect

Dan McDonough is an expert data specialist with over 15 years of experience in Financial Planning & Analysis and business process engineering. Dan has considerable experience in delivering both small and large-scale implementations to both public and private clients. Dan provides expertise in process mapping and improvement, along with the necessary solution architecture, design, development and deployment of analytic platforms and applications such as IPC Global's Attorney Alerts.

Tom Gonzalez, AttorneyAlerts Lead Developer, Cloud architect

Tom provides technical leadership, design, implementation, integration, and oversight of the IPC Global's cloud-based legal and analytic solutions and systems, emphasizing secure business operations. He brings an extensive IT background, advanced security knowledge, and a keen appreciation for compliance and risk management principles.

About AttorneyAlerts

IPC Global is a Data, Analytics and Cloud consultant with extensive experience developing solutions for legal clients. Over the course of our consulting work, we have become familiar with the data sources available to legal users, how law firms use data, and their challenges in making use of it.

Our maxim at IPC Global is to develop Enterprise Intelligence solutions that turn data into measurable improvements for our clients' bottom line.

When we learned of the challenges firms faced turning court-provided data feeds into usable intelligence, and that the problem lay with making sense of the "unstructured" data produced by courts, we sensed an opportunity to apply our Enterprise Intelligence methodology to a new and exciting challenge. The result is AttorneyAlerts.

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