Be the Master of Tasks in your QlikView environments


QlikView Task Manager gives you the ability to export and import  individual tasks and task trees so that you can easily migrate across environments, create point-of-time backups and eliminate errors whenever you move applications across environments.  Easily move from Dev to QA to Prod without having to edit a task.  Easily restore any or all of your tasks (and dependencies) whenever you upgrade your server.

This is a must have in the toolbox of every QlikView Administrator - it pays for itself on the first use!


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 Product Features

Product Features

  • Migrate any number of tasks from Dev to QA to Prod
  • Backup and restore any number of publisher tasks
  • Transfer user CAL assignments across environments during upgrades
  • Help Desk support included for the life of the product
  • Use wild card name matching to target groups of tasks
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Batch mode available for unattended operation
  • Set default locations for faster execution or use temporary overrides for special cases
  • Full command line documentation
  • Installs in minutes
  • Compatible with QlikView and Publisher V11.20, 12.00 and 12.10
  • Guarantee:  Love it or return it within 14 days for full refund

System Requirements

  • QlikView Publisher v11.20, 12.00 or 12.10
  • .NET 4.6 or higher

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Annual subscription license:

One license issued per release of Publisher

Published tasks:

less than 70: $199

less than 150: $299

150 or more: $499

14 day money back guarantee: love it or get your money back.

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