To achieve a "single source of truth" in master data of such high quality, a framework is required. inProcess is a set of tools and techniques that leverage the Qlik Analytics Platform to produce reusable data objects. Each object is checked for quality and is used in Qlik's Associative Data Model or other downstream processes such as extracts, EDI, and RDBMS.

inProcess is organized around four major functions: receiving, process, quality, and packaging.

inProcess receives data from virtually any source - data base, file, webpage, or the cloud. Data is securely moved and stored for processing without the need to build an RDS data warehouse or pre-aggregate into a cube.

inProcess has the fastest processing engine in the market, cutting ETL times way down. Our solution de-duplicates the data so the resulting data objects are optimized and indexed. Master data management (MDM), a data dictionary, business rules, data lineage and throughput monitoring are major features of the processing function.

inProcess has quality engineered into the process. Data is checked at several points, including receiving, processing, and in packaging of the data. Data quality management (DQM) is key to achieving trust with your users.

inProcess packages reusable data objects with consistent terminology and reliable information. Master dimension objects such as Customer, Account, and Calendar are paired with fact objects such as Order, Invoice, Payment, Journal, and Balance which are produced by the factory.



inProcess is powered by the Qlik Analytics Platform.
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