IPC Global Offers a Powerful Solution with KT Labs for Planning and Mapping

The best way of using information to support company processes is to combine planning with analysis. The stronger the integration the better the result. With KT Labs, we offer an easy-to-use solution with Qlik that provides a planning tool for production planning, HR, finance, budgeting, reforecasting, and profit & loss statements. IPC Global also provides additional KT Labs solutions for actionable location analytics for your Qlik platform, including planning, performance and management.

KliqPlan is the first of a new line of Extension Objects by KT Labs; it supports data-entry within QlikView with a rich set of features including: data spread & break-back, blocked totals, cells locking, smart paste, audit trails and a table editor. KliqMap leverages QlikView, Esri ArcGIS (the leading GIS platform) and KT Labs’ Planning Suite to create a fully integrated and interactive environment where analytics and simulation can be performed in the context of business processes.

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